Patio Door Repair Issues and Maintenance Tips

After the entrance gate, the patio gate offers the utmost security to your home. To protect your home from burglars and robbers you need to take notice of the door problems such as broken glass, alignment issues, and filthy door problems. To solve them quickly and efficiently you need to hire reliable patio door repair contractors. Credible patio door replacement and repair companies are those that offer the utmost satisfaction to the customers by doing the repair work with high-quality material. Let’s discuss the common patio problems and maintenance tips in this blog

Common Patio Door Problems That Need not Be Overlooked

Sliding patio doors are one of the most preferred choices to make the entrance of your home aesthetic and beautiful. Adding stylish elements to your home does not mean that you don’t have to encounter issues. Fret not as the issues can be resolved with minimal care and maintenance by trusted Patio Door Repair services. A few issues that you may encounter which affect the functionality and efficiency of the sliding doors are given below.

Patio Door is Stuck

Are you facing difficulty in sliding the door? If yes, don’t neglect the issue and try to learn about the common patio door problems to solve them at the right time.

Dirty and Broken Rollers

The main functionality of the sliding door is performed through the rollers that are fitted at each end of the door. When the dirt is piled up in between the rollers they don’t move smoothly. The door may get stuck in between and you have to apply a greater force to close it. In this case, you have to instantly clean the rollers with the help of oil and grease additives that help in lubrication and minimize friction. But in case the problem is even worse and the door is jammed and stiff to move then there is a high probability that your roller is worn out and stiff. For broken rollers, you need to place a call to your trusted Patio Door installation and repair company.

Misaligned Wheels or Adjustment Issues

If the rollers of the sliding door get out of the track, then it’s an alignment issue. The essential indication is that you will notice a gap between the frame and the glass. Even in some high-quality sliding doors screws are fixed at the needs that might get loose after some passage of time. Try to adjust the rollers and tracks or tighten the screw until your gate is fully aligned. If the door is still misaligned you need expert help to get your door back in shape.

Bent or Broken track

Various functional issues start when the door track is obstructed or worn out. The clear indication is the odd noise produced by the door. In this case, the partitions of the door that are damaged must be repaired at the earliest to avoid other long-term problems. The track must be straightened and for this, you need to take the services of professionals for patio door replacement and repair.

In the case of the bent track, you will notice that your sliding gate is at a still position either at the closing or opening end. The DIY to fix the bent track problem is through the use of pliers to straighten it back.

The Patio Door Glass is Broken

Minor accidents might happen that can either leave the patio door cracked or completely broken. As the majority of the surface of the patio door is made up of glass you need to keep it safe from harsh objects like balls and lawnmowers. To make your patio door appear brand new you need to contact skilled technicians to replace the broken glass with a new one. The damage may be another opportunity to upgrade to premium quality and energy-efficient glass doors with better visibility.

A risk to Security – Faulty Locking Mechanisms

Another common patio door problem that causes severe security issues is the faulty locking mechanism of the sliding door. The breakage of rollers in the door causes the door to collapse and leads to the misalignment of the locks. For the lock alignment issues to be sorted at the earliest you need to contact the experts to align your locks in an efficient and timely manner.

Patio Door Maintenance Guide

 The exterior elements of the home need detailed attention and always need a little upkeep so that they can last for a long duration of time. Clogged and sticky tracks and rollers of the door should be checked and maintained every month so that they show optimal performance throughout the year. Here are some of the patio door maintenance tips:

Clean the Door to Prevent Stickiness

The smaller problems when ignored result in bigger and serious ones. For the smooth operation of the door prevent the dirt from accumulating on the door. During rain and windy conditions, you need to follow proper cleaning steps so that you don’t need professional help.

Lubricate the Track for Smooth Operation

After you clear the tracks from debris and dust now is the time to lubricate them.  Through lubrication, you can prevent the doors from sticking and becoming too difficult to open. It is good to lubricate the entire rail using a high-quality lubricant that acts as a lubricator and rust inhibitor as well. This way you can also prevent corrosion of your door.

Replace the broken rollers

For old and outdated doors, you may need to replace the rollers. Cleaning is only an option when dirt is accumulated but in case of damage, replacement is a viable option. Hire only professionals who are proficient in the alignment of the roller for the seamless functioning of the door.

Replace the damaged Weatherstripping

To seal the air leaks, it is important to replace the weather strip that no longer prevents your home from extreme weather conditions. This process is a low-cost way to make your doors energy-efficient and easy to slide. If you want to replace it yourself, just make sure that you follow the product instructions in detail.


Pinpointing the sliding patio door problems is the first and foremost step to prevent long-term damage and additional costs of repairing. If you have figured out the problem in an appropriate manner you can try the DIY solutions such as lubrication and dirt cleaning at home. But in case of glass replacement and other alignment issues, you need to contact an expert Patio Door Repair team for durable and energy-efficient solutions.

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